XML Schema Library

There are an enormous number of industry-specific schema vocabularies available to help you in working with your XML content. These schemas can be used with Stylus Studio in many ways, including:

This portion of the Stylus Studio website is devoted to displaying the structure and content of selected schemas. A parallel reference is the section devoted to OASIS Catalogs, which contains a large number of collected schemas prepared and sorted for use by project.

Here is a library of the schemas available for browsing:

Catalog Description
agxml1.xml Agricultural Markup Language 1.0 for Grain and Oilseed Business Schemas
agxml2.xml Agricultural Markup Language 2.0 for Grain and Oilseed Business Schemas
b2mml3.xml Business To Manufacturing Markup Language V03 Schemas
cdisc.xml Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Schemas
cml.xml Chemical Markup Language Schemas
cpsin.xml Canada Public Safety Information Network 1.1 Schemas
dfxp.xml Timed Text (TT) Authoring Format 1.0 - Distribution Format Exchange Profile (DFXP) Schemas
dc.xml Dublin Core Metadata Initiative 2006-01-06 Schemas
dita132.xml Darwin Information Typing Architecture 1.3.2 Schemas
docbook44.xml DocBook 4.4 Schemas
dwml.xml NOAA Digital Weather Markup Language Schemas
ebxml3.xml ebXML 3.0 Schemas
edxl.xml Emergency Data Exchange Language Schemas
eml1.xml Election Markup Language 1.0 Schemas
eml2.xml Election Markup Language 2.0 Schemas
eml3.xml Election Markup Language 3.0 Schemas
eml4.xml Election Markup Language 4.0 Schemas
genxml1.xml Genealogical Exchange File Format 1.0 Schemas
genxml2.xml Genealogical Exchange File Format 2.0 Schemas
gjxdm.xml Global Justice XML Data Model 3.0.3 Schemas
google.xml Google Base and Google Sitemap Schemas
graphml.xml GraphML 1.0 Schemas
hapmap.xml International HapMap Project 2003-11-04 Schemas
hrxml24.xml HR-XML Consortium Library 2.4 Schemas
j2ee13.xml Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.3 Schemas
j2ee14.xml Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 Schemas
j2ee50.xml Java 2 Enterprise Edition 5.0 Schemas
jaxb1.xml Java Architecture for XML Binding 1.0 Schemas
jaxb2.xml Java Architecture for XML Binding 2.0 Schemas
javadb.xml Java JDBC and Object Persistence Schemas
javaoss.xml Operations Support Systems (OSS) through Java Initiative Schemas
mathml2.xml Mathematical Markup Language 2.0 Schemas
maven.xml Maven Schemas
mpeg7.xml MPEG 7 Schemas
mismo.xml Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization Schemas
msoffice2003.xml Microsoft Office 2003 Suite Schemas
ncbi.xml National Center for Biotechnology Information Schemas
olac.xml Open Language Archives Community Metadata Schemas
opengis.xml Open Geospatial Consortium Schemas
pidx.xml Petroleum Industry Data Exchange Schemas
rixml22.xml Research Information Exchange Markup Language Schemas
ruleml.xml Rule Markup Language 0.9 Schemas
saml.xml Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 Schemas
smil20.xml Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language 2.0 Schemas
stratml.xml Strategy Markup Language
svg11.xml Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 Schemas
ubl.xml Universal Business Language Schemas
uddi1.xml Universal Description, Discovery and Integration 1.0 Schemas
uddi2.xml Universal Description, Discovery and Integration 2.0 Schemas
uddi3.xml Universal Description, Discovery and Integration 3.0 Schemas
voicexml20.xml Voice Extensible Markup Language 2.0 Schemas
web3d.xml X3D Web3D Standard Schemas
ws-addressing.xml Web Services Addressing Schemas
ws-basefaults.xml Web Services Base Faults Schemas
ws-basenotification.xml Web Services Base Notification Schemas
ws-brokerednotification.xml Web Services Brokered Notification Schemas
ws-enumeration.xml Web Services Enumeration Schemas
ws-eventing.xml Web Services Eventing Schemas
ws-policy.xml Web Services Policy Schemas
ws-resourcelifetime.xml Web Services Resource Lifetime Schemas
ws-resourceproperties.xml Web Services Resource Properties Schemas
ws-securitypolicy.xml Web Services Security Policy Schemas
ws-servicegroup.xml Web Services Service Group Schemas
ws-topics.xml Web Services Topics Schemas
ws-transfer.xml Web Services Transfer Schemas
wsdl.xml Simple Object Access Protocol and Web Services Description Language Schemas
wsdm.xml WSDM Management Using Web Services v1.0 Schemas
xbrl.xml eXtensible Business Reporting Language 2.1 Schemas
xforms.xml XForms 1.0 and XEvents Schemas
xgmml.xml eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language Schemas
xhtml1.xml Extensible HyperText Markup Language 1.0 Schemas
xsd.xml XML Schema, Post-Validated Infoset, and Type Library Schemas
xmpp.xml Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP/Jabber) Schemas
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